Learn how to get maximum from Quora using our tool.

Fabian Maume
Written by Fabian Maume

1. How to choose which questions to answer?

How to choose question, if you want to get organic views

QApop is offering 3 pre-build filters to help you select the most relevant questions to answer:

Hight-value questions:

Those are questions with at least 100 recurrent monthly views. Those are questions allowing you to build equity on Quora and harvest views on a recurrent basis.

Medium-value questions:

Those are questions with at least 100 followers. Answering questions with a lot of followers should give you a spike of views when you post your answer as the followers might be notified of your answer.

Warmup questions:

If you are new to Quora you should not start by answering high-value questions straightaway. You should first build some equity for your profile. That is what the warmup questions are for.

Warmup questions do not have much followers or traffic and are therefore expendable. Moreover, warmup questions have a max of 25 answers making them not too competitive to rank for.

If you need to warm up your accounts the AI content draft can help you save a lot of time