Learn how to get maximum from Quora using our tool.

Fabian Maume
Written by Fabian Maume

How to create a good search request

Follow these steps to get the best result of Quora questions research as possible.

Step 1

Enter the list of keywords you are interested in, separating each keyword by a comma. The explorer outcome is more valuable if you search for several keywords.

Try to balance your keywords to get a perfect Relevance score. This video explains how to wisely choose your keywords:

You can check how the Explorer interprets the list of keywords below the text area.

Step 2

Name your report to find it easily later on. If you leave the report name blank, it will be named by the date of creation.

Step 3

Click the button “Explore data” and let the magic happen. The data extraction might take a few minutes. We send you an email notification once it’s done.

💡 Pro tips:

  • Explorer is removing duplicated questions between keywords, so don’t worry about using long-tail keywords.
  • The free version of the explorer will return 9 questions per keyword. If you want to see more questions, you should choose more keywords. You can also upgrade to the premium report to get 50 questions per keyword.
  • The relevance score will get more accurate the more keywords you enter, as explained in the Relevance score video.