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Fabian Maume
Written by Fabian Maume

4. How to filter questions in Quora report

Learn how to filter data in your report—using the keyword filter, bookmarking questions, and sorting by parameters.

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Filter questions by keywords

You can filter questions based on keywords by clicking on the top filters:

It will allow you to check out which keywords are relevant to improve your next search. You can compare the results and see which keyword is the most interesting for you.

Add questions to your favorite

This feature helps you pick up the best questions and save them for later. Click on the star to bookmark your question.

Turn on/off the switcher "Show favorites" to see your favorite questions you saved before.

All your favorite questions are stored in our database, so you can come back later and still find your collection.

Sorting data

You can sort the report data according to any field by clicking on the arrow on the left of each field name:

We recommend sorting questions according to the QApop score.

This parameter tells you how relevant the questions are and how much web traffic you might expect from answering these questions.

Export Quora questions to CSV

You can download a report with questions displaying the table.

The number inside the button shows how many questions you are about to download. You can customize the list of the questions you want to download by selecting only favorite questions or filtering questions using the keyword filter.