Learn how to get maximum from Quora using our tool.

Fabian Maume
Written by Fabian Maume

1. How to get organic traffic from Quora

You can get thousands of views and hundreds of referral traffic by answering the right questions.

I assume you got list o questions based on your research done with QApop Explorer using keywords related to your business. Now it’s time to answer some questions.

See this video tutorial and learn how to prioritize questions on Quora.

Select questions to answer

After creating a report and getting data from Quora, you need to prioritize which questions to answer. We are tracking more than ten parameters for each question, which helps us to calculate the QApop score of the question. This is the key value signalizing what question you should prioritize to get organic traffic from Quora.

Bookmark relevant question

User star icon (⭐) at the beginning of each row to save questions to favorites. You can manually pick up questions close to you and where your answer brings a big value to readers.

After handpicking interesting questions, use a filter on the top to display favorite items.

You can export selected questions to a spreadsheet and easily manage questions already answered.

Write a perfect answer

Quora is a platform where you need to go deep on topics and show your expertise. It is advised to prepare answers between 300 and 1000 words. Follow Quora’s copywriting rules to create a perfect answer.

We suggest answering a max of 3 questions per day, especially if you are putting links to your Quora answers. You should answer at least 10 questions and wait for a month to see the results. After that, you can decide whether Quora is the right marketing channel for your business.

If you don’t want to wait and get engagement immediately, you can run Quora Ads to boost your answer. We recommend trying this marketing option, as well.